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iRentLand is a daily land rental company that connects outdoor enthusiasts with landowners and professional guide services.

About Us

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Our Story

We LOVE the outdoors!! We want everyone that loves to be outdoors, as well as everyone who loves owning land, to benefit from the beauty of nature.  So we’re building a community of likeminded individuals to connect outdoor enthusiasts (who are seeking new places for their adventures) with landowners who offer daily land rentals.

iRentLand was founded in 2020 when the term “social distancing” was first used. People were searching for new experiences during the COVID–19 pandemic. Our company’s founder, Joe, hunts on his grandparents’ land in Wisconsin. His grandfather sometimes told him how he was extremely frustrated with hunters who would use his land but never compensate him. That’s when the lightbulb moment happened and iRentLand was born.

We set out to create an experience unlike any other: One that would fundamentally change the way people plan their outdoor adventures! One that would open up new, exclusive properties for everyone to enjoy.  We want everyone to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities “Somewhere New”.                                                   

And we are loving every moment of it!

Why iRentLand?

For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The vast majority of people who enjoy the outdoors haven’t bought their own property “up north” to use. They don’t want an expensive land lease for the limited number of times each year that they’ll actually use it. So they end up either using public land, or asking a private landowner to use their land. This leads to uncomfortable situations. It’s uncomfortable when you encounter others while using public land. It’s also uncomfortable to knock on someone’s door and ask if you can use their land and not know how much to pay them, or if you’re the only one that’s received permission to use the land that day. iRentLand gives outdoor enthusiasts a way to enjoy their favorite activities on multiple different properties at a lower per use cost than leasing without running into others on the land or even having to interact with the landowner in person. 

For Landowners

If you want to earn money with your land, your options are limited outside of farming and leasing. But leases don’t earn you as much as you could be making, and they don’t give you control of your calendar to use your own land. You can wait for someone to knock on your door and ask permission to use your land not knowing if they’ll compensate you. But waiting is no fun, and that interaction is awkward. iRentLand solves these problems by giving landowners the ability to set their own price per day, control their calendar, and only allow the outdoor activities that they approve of. Outdoor enthusiasts make payment upfront through an encrypted platform that uses the same security measures as banks, and iRentLand sends you a monthly check. This makes it possible to earn more than you would leasing your land, while also giving you the flexibility to still use your own land when you want to. This makes iRentLand a great option for people who own hunting land, or farm land, who want to rent it out when they’re not using it.